Our Vision is to be your most preferred & trusted learning partner, serving as a one-stop learning platform, personalized to empower you with adequate skills to excel at your career.

Our Mission is to bridge skill gaps and scale-up employability, address the demands on professional competence, made by the rapidly changing, technology-driven market, by offering a slew of eLearning courses and staying connected to learners through classroom training.

Our unique Approach in exploiting Technology to integrate - content of exceptional quality, the passion in delivery of our talented trainers and intelligently designed Games that maximize learning- into easily consumable knowledge bytes, gives us the ability to sustain long-term, robust Learning partnership

Critical Business Needs Addressed by Ken

Ken’s business is propelled by 5 essential market forces:

  1. Graduates newly entering the job market find there is a gap between the skills they are taught and those expected at work. This is a gap Ken will help bridge, vastly improving employability of young talent.
  2. Due to rapid change in technology continuous learning throughout one’s career has become an imperative. Ken’s courses provide the necessary tools to upskill and avoid redundancy.
  3. In support of delivering these training needs, the Internet is a perfect medium to reach a large audience. Apart from taking advantage of the Internet’s high speed of delivery, Ken also blends Games into its courses, especially to attract the Millenials, who need engaging content to rivet attention.
  4. Yet another market force imperative is the need for an integral approach to delivery of standardized training packages Nationwide. Ken is a pioneer in their ability to combine Technology for learner Interaction, Games for engagement and high quality content to deliver the most effective training programs in India. This model is flexible and scalable worldwide.
  5. A much celebrated service at Ken, is our offer of a platform for entrepreneurial training professionals to deliver their content to audiences that they couldn’t otherwise reach out to. This benefits them, the learners and Ken.

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Management Team

Baskar Venkatraman

Baskar is the Principal Founder of Ken with over 25 years of experience in transforming and building businesses, a Professional accountant by profession (CA, CPA). He has extensive experience in Life Science, Consumer and Consulting industry, and has played many leadership roles across large global corporates.

Kalyan Vishwanathan

Kalyan is one of the co founders and CIO at Ken. He brings over two decades of experience in growing an independent Revenue stream world wide in the Information Management & Data services practice area. Kalyan comes with 1000’s of hours of training, learning & development experience to the global community.