Customized Focused Programs

Today’s market is constantly evolving and so are the technologies and tools and the resources that people use to achieve targets. Ken identifies these ever changing trends and offers customized packages to its clients so that all the resources and the necessities are available readily.

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Our Trending Programs

Below are some of our most trending training programs that have been highly accepted by our clients. Each of these training programs are designed to help individuals and organizations to accelerate their growth potential.



Python & R-L

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning



Hadoop with Spark

Angular & React


Big Data

Cloud Computing

Branding & Personal Management Enhancement

Excelling in Self Management

Self Evaluation & Improvement Process

Prepare for the unexpected

Self Management for Success

Improving Work Life Balance

Superlative Customer Service

Service Enhancement

Unique Selling Proposition

Reducing Escalations

Enhancing Customer Experience

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Managing Customer Expectations

Power of Presentations

Public Speaking Skills

Impactful Presentations

Business Storytelling

Executive Presentation Style

Increase leads and Convert to Customers

Consultative Selling

Negotiate to Win Win

Excelling in Sales

Develop the Leader in You

Discover your Leadership Potential

Presenting Self Professionally

Behavioural Interviewing Techniques

People Engagement & Leading

Influencing Leadership Skills

How to move from present to Future

Leading in Action and Results

Coaching and Mentoring

Managing People

Leading By Example

Leading for Change

Business Writing Skills

Professional Conversations

Business Communication Skills

Group Communication Skills

Assertive Communication Skills

Self-Leadership Course

Emotional Intelligence

Time Management

Prioritizing for Effectiveness

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About Our Trainers

We are partnered with a pool of hand-picked, talented and highly experienced coaches who are well versed in local language and culture to enable an open, approachable environment in the classroom. Our Partnership with trainers offers them Ken’s platform through which they can reach their potential audiences and mutually gain Instructor and learners relationship.

Our Training Delivery Process

Firstly we receive training request from the client and then we pick the most suitable trainer from the empanelled suite of instructors. The training material is then validated for quality. During the process, games & instructions in the training are suggested wherever necessary. The cycle is completed after considering participant’s feedback in the training process and up-gradation of presentation material is done.