Course Image Business Communication Skills
Offer Price:   800/-

Communication skills, the ability to interact with others to convey what’s in your mind, are important attributes to possess since we live in a social environment. In an organization, these skills are specialized and unofficially mandatory for proper etiquette and acceptable behaviors. Ken’s collection of courses under this category covers typically required competencies in written, presentation, customer service in a business environment.

Under Business Communication Skills, the essentials of email communication & telephone conversations are taught. Style, tone and proper construction of texts are reiterated through exercises and case studies.

Course Image Handling Difficult Customers
------------ Course Price: ₹ 650 ------------ 

Every workplace irrespective of size or type of product or geographical location will have a diverse range in the type of customers, who differ in personality, demeanor and style. A patron maybe seen as difficult because of verbal abuse, bullying, constant complaining, knows too little or too much about the products on offer, impatient etc.

To be able to remain collected and calm while dealing with customers, present oneself with self-confidence and to be equipped with in-depth product knowledge are fundamental requirements of customer service personnel.

This e-learning course provides an abundance of examples and scenarios to train you on how to overcome challenges posed by clients and even impress them.

Course Image Customer Support Over the Telephone
------------ Course Price: ₹ 650 ------------

Multi-channel customer communication is on the rise and companies are grappling with the right mix of channels to raise service levels. Phone calls still remain the medium of choice among customers to reach out to companies with complaints and service requests. Some advantages of phone calls are said to be :

  •   Ability to establish connection with a live person
  •   If hold times are short, fastest and best method of obtaining authentic information and answers    to queries
  •   Multiple issues that may be related can be solved at one instance
The course on this topic teaches students phone etiquette, appropriate responses, ways to think on your feet, phrases to avoid, methods to employ to defuse stressful calls, etc.

Course Image Effective Presentation Skills

------------ Course Price: ₹ 600 ------------

Making presentations customized to the receiving audiences is key to conveying your message accurately. The same content will need to be presented in different ways depending on who is listening. Developing and delivering presentations is a dynamic mix of the visuals, the script and spontaneity. Even experienced individuals continuously learn from every presentation they make.

This course offered by Ken is a practical guide, filled with tips and tools that can be learned and applied to maximize the effectiveness of every presentation. It covers content development to feedback collection and everything in between.